Glen Helen Preserve--Camp Greene

Glen Helen Preserve--Camp Greene

Grinnell Road Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

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About this Location

Camp Greene is a former YMCA and Girl Scout camp which has recently been purchased and added to the Glen Helen Preserve.

About Glen Helen Preserve

Glen Helen, a nature preserve owned by Antioch College, is the legacy of alumnus Hugh Taylor Birch, who, in 1929, donated the wooded glen to Antioch College in memory of his daughter, Helen. With this gift, the College accepted the responsibility of preserving the land in perpetuity. Additional gifts expanded the preserve, which now encompasses 1000 acres, all accessible from a 25-mile network of footpaths. Today, that mission is carried forward by Antioch College through the Glen Helen Ecology Institute, which manages the land and coordinates the educational programs of “The Glen.” On even a short walk, visitors can view spectacular wildflowers, 400-year-old trees, limestone cliffs with waterfalls and overhangs, and the beautiful yellow spring for which the town is named.

The Glen is an integral part of the legacy of the College and will be an important resource for the development of its curriculum. For Antiochians, the identity of the College and Glen Helen are inseparable. For nature enthusiasts, the glen is a valuable resource for hiking, birding, and exploration.

There is a parking fee at the Cory Street parking lot for Glen Helen Preserve.

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