Franks Park--Clover Groff Run

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Franks Park has a stretch of Clover Groff Run that has been re-designed to look like it did back before city planners made it into a straight-line stream for property reasons. It now pleasantly meanders along a “natural” bank with plenty of trees and weedy cover and the occasional marshy area that attracts birds. There’s also a pond among the sports fields that make up much of the park. The Mudsock Trail parallels Clover Groff Run through the Clover Groff Natural Area.

About Franks Park

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Franks is a 54.38-acre park that borders the Clover Groff Preserve. This park lies on the outskirts of Franklin County to the West.

Facilities include Athletic Fields, Soccer, Parking Lot, Playground, and Walking Trail.

About Clover Groff Run Natural Area

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The Clover Groff Run Natural Area was creted by stream restoration projects constructed over 3 miles of new sinuous stream channel within 38 acres of active riparian floodplain in four central Ohio parks:
Latham Park
Reynolds Municipal Park
Franks Park
Spindler Road Park

Restoration eliminated impairments caused by hydro-modification by implementing Natural Channel Design techniques within the goals of Ohio’s Clean Water Act.
From a PowerPoint Presentation on Clover Groff Run Restoration


  • Restrooms on site

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