Coppess Nature Sanctuary

Coppess Nature Sanctuary

Young Road Union City, Ohio 45390

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About this Location

Coppess Nature Sanctuary is located in west central Darke County on Young Road (County Road 85). A level, well maintained .75 mile loop trail, beginning and ending at a convenient parking area, make this an ideal place for a short hike satisfying a wide variety of interests and abilities.

Coppess Nature Sanctuary offers a splendid example of an Oak-Hickory forest and a glimpse of some of the great natural diversity of the Darke County region as it appeared 200 years ago. Five species of large Oaks dominate the area. Several White Oaks have a diameter of 40 inches or more. Shagbark and Bitternut Hickories are scattered throughout the area. Other trees of interest include American Beech, American Hornbeam, White Ash, Box Elder and Sugar Maple. More than 38 species of woody plants have been identified

The forest floor plant community is also impressive with more than 84 species of plants including spring wildflowers such as Dutchman’s Breeches, Trilliums, Blood Root, May Apple, and Yellow Trout Lily.

No restroom facilities.

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