Miami University--Dogwood Grove

Miami University--Dogwood Grove

Oxford, Ohio 45056

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About this Location

Nestled across from the Miami University Inn, in the farthest corner of North Quad, Dogwood Grove waits patiently for anyone who wishes to take a break from our cement and red brick world, to reawaken themselves in the tranquility of nature.

The chorus of pond, fountain, and birds provide a soothing melody to those who are studying or taking a break from a long day’s work. Yet, the grove is so much more than just a contrast between our hectic lives and the calm beauty of nature. It is also a conglomeration of rarities.

Standing strong and tall, three Scarlet oak trees, uncommon to this area, dominate the center of Dogwood Grove, while smaller dogwood trees dot the periphery. In the early morning of spring, summer, and early fall, blue herons can be seen fishing for a meal in the goldfish-filled pond. Kingfishers too have been spotted making a meal of the pond’s inhabitants. Snapping turtles, harmless snakes, and frogs are not uncommon visitors to the edge of the pond and nearby pools.

About Miami University

Miami University is a residential university with faculty who are dedicated to learning and discovery. A liberal education core provides the foundation for the more specialized studies of the majors. Immersing students in both academic and co-curricular experiences has enabled Miami to achieve a top-tier national ranking among universities that provide the best student outcomes.

Founded in 1809, Miami’s name reflects the history of the Native American tribe that once inhabited the Miami Valley region of Ohio. Miami maintains strong ties with the Miami Tribe, now located in Oklahoma.

The main campus is located in Oxford, Ohio (35 miles north of Cincinnati). Regional locations include Hamilton, Middletown, West Chester, Ohio, and the European Center in Luxembourg.

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