Scioto Audubon Metro Park--Lower Scioto Park

Scioto Audubon Metro Park--Lower Scioto Park

Columbus Ohio 43215

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Scioto Audubon is a 120-acre oasis in the downtown heart of a major city. It’s a partnership effort between Metro Parks, the City of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, and Audubon Ohio. The park sits on the bank of the Scioto River on the Whittier peninsula in Columbus, already a magnet for shorebirds and birds of prey. Metro Parks has created seven wetland cells in the park, approximately five acres in total, to enhance the wildlife habitat. Wetland birds such as wood ducks, blue-winged teal, and sandpipers have been attracted to the park, along with egrets, northern pintail ducks, pied-billed grebe, American bittern, herons, and osprey.

As well as birding, visitors can enjoy fishing, boating, hiking, and jogging. The park is developing other recreational resources and has the largest free outdoor climbing wall in the United States available for experienced climbers to enjoy. The three towers and two arches of the main climbing wall reach a height of 35 feet and extend over 6,100 square feet. Climbers must bring their own gear and equipment, including ropes, and must sign a liability waiver before using the wall for the first time. A shade structure with seating is available nearby the climbing wall, as well as sand volleyball courts and Neos, an interactive electronic game. There are two dog parks on a 2-acre site, one for large dogs and one for small dogs, each with an obstacle activity course.

Audubon Ohio operates a downtown nature center inside the park, the Grange Insurance Audubon Center at 505 West Whittier Street.


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