Greer--River Reservoir

Tips for Birding

Breeding warblers include Red-faced, Virginia, Grace’s, MacGillivray’s, and Olive. Band-tailed Pigeons and Clark’s Nutcrackers are often seen flying overhead, while Dusky Grouse and Northern Goshawk skulk in the forest. Look also for several species of woodpeckers, American Dipper, Dusky Flycatcher, and others. Magnificent Hummingbird has been reported from area feeders in years past.

About this Location

At an elevation of 8200 feet, River Reservoir is the largest and deepest of the three Greer Lakes. It is approximately 140 acres with a maximum depth of 45 feet and an average depth of 20 feet. Stocked with brown trout, this lake has produced one of the largest of this species in the state of Arizona. Rainbow trout is another abundant catch and Apache trout have been snagged here as well. Anglers will find the best fishing is in the shallow areas on the southern side. Facilities include a boat launch and restrooms. Access to the lake is paved. Boating restrictions include single electric motors only. Launching area amenities offered are a parking area, restrooms, and picnic ramadas. This lake does experience winter freeze. Live bait fish are prohibited. Campgrounds are nearby. You’ll find this lake one mile north of Greer, off FS-87B.

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