Lake Potanipo, Brookline

Lake Potanipo, Brookline

Brookline, New Hampshire 03033

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Lake Potanipo is 169.9 acres with an average depth of 13.5 feet and a maximum depth of 25.1 feet (NH Dept. of Environmental Services). It provides habitat for the endangered Brook floater (a freshwater mussel) and the threatened Fern-leaved false foxglove, both listed on the NH Natural Heritage Inventory. There are 27 homes and cottages on Lake Potanipo, but most of it is protected from further development.

In 1969 the Brookline Recreation Commission was formed. Shortly thereafter, the town was given a gift of approximately 1.33 acres with 250 feet of frontage and a one-quarter acre beach area by the Eli and Bessie Cohen Foundation. The Cohen Foundation owns Camp Tevya and most of the undeveloped land around the lake and the North Stream.

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