Wayne National Forest--Lake Vesuvius

About this Location

Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area contains a 143-acre lake, two campgrounds, picnic areas, group camping, fishing, boating, hiking and an archery trail. It is named for the historic Vesuvius Iron Furnace and is the Wayne National Forest’s premier developed site. This complex is located 6.5 miles north of Ironton, just off OH-93.

The historic iron furnace is located at the base of the dam. In 1939 the narrows of Storms Creek offered a site for this lake, which was dammed by the Civilian Conservation Corp. The rugged hills and out-cropping cliffs provide a scenic backdrop for this historical and beautiful site. The site offers a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities. A variety of trails is offered.

About Wayne National Forest

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The Wayne National Forest is located in the hills of southeastern Ohio. This small national forest, in the heart of the heavily populated Midwest, covers almost a quarter million acres of Appalachian foothills. The Wayne is divided into three blocks administered by two Ranger Districts at Athens and Ironton. A field office is also located east of Marietta.

Visitors to national forest lands are welcome to camp, hike, hunt, and fish. The Forest boundaries surround a checkerboard pattern of ownership, with public and private ownership interspersed. There are over 300 miles of trails in the Forest for hiking, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) riding, mountain biking, or horseback riding.

Notable Trails

Lake Vesuvius Trails
There are 6 trails at Lake Vesuvius.
Vesuvius Backpack Trail – 17.28 miles
Lakeshore Trail – 8.25 miles
Addis Mine/Botany Trail – 0.93 miles
Whiskey Run Trail – 0.85 miles
Longbow Archery Trail – 0.78 miles
Rock House Trail – 0.42 miles

The Rock House (above), Black Oak, Old Beach, and Scarlet Oak Trails (below) form a 1.5-mile loop.

Oak Hill Campground Trails
There are 4 trails connecting to different parts of the campground and boat dock.
Black Oak Trail – 0.34 miles
Scarlet Oak Trail – 0.45 miles
Old Beach Trail – 0.61 miles
White Oak Trail – 0.14 miles

The AllTrails website has descriptions and maps of hikes on the Backpack Trail and the Lakeshore Trail.

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