Rush Creek Lake (Fairfield Co.)

Rush Creek Lake (Fairfield Co.)

Thornville Road Northeast Rushville, Ohio 43150

Rush Creek Lake map

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Rush Creek Lake

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Rush Creek Lake is located on the Fairfield-Perry county line. The western portion of the lake is in Fairfield County. The eastern portion of the lake is in Perry County. (See the Rush Creek Lake map for the location of the county line.)

About Rush Creek Lake

Rush Creek Lake is located on the border of Fairfield and Perry counties, approximately 13 miles northeast of Lancaster and 6 miles southwest of Somerset, with access on County Roads 26 and 74 off US-22.

Construction on Rush Creek Lake was initiated in 1981. The lake was permanently filled to the seasonal pool level late in 1984. Owned and operated by the Rush Creek Conservancy District, Rush Creek Lake impounds 300 acres on Little Rush Creek. The watershed consists primarily of cropland, pasture, and forested hills.

The Rush Creek Conservancy District maintains a boat ramp and parking lot on the southwest side of the lake off of the Thornville Road (County Road 74) entrance.

No restroom facilities.