Clay Pits--Strawbridge Pond

Clay Pits--Strawbridge Pond

Findlay, Ohio 45840

About this Location

Strawbridge Pond is the largest pond in the Clay Pits area. While private property, the entire west side of the pond is bordered by Williams Street (Township Road 227), so there are excellent views of the pond from the public roadside. This pond is good in the summer for herons, bitterns, and the occasional Prothonotary Warbler. It is also excellent in migration for dabbling ducks. Historically this was a reliable location for Wilson’s Phalaropes.

The Clay Pits–Strawbridge Pond hotspot should be considered all of the Clay Pits area east of Williams Street (Township Road 227). Since all of this section is private property, please view birds from the roadside only.

About Clay Pits

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The Clay Pits area, located immediately southeast of Findlay is a shallow strip-mined area created to provide “Blue” clay for clay shooting targets for the Remington Company in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Now long abandoned, these strip mines represent the largest area of wetlands in Hancock County and the surrounding region.

This area is roughly bordered by County Road 180 on the east, Park Street to the west, just north of Olive Street to the north, and Township Road 201 to the south.

Please, note that, with the exception of Blue Rock Nature Preserve in the extreme northwest part of the area, almost all of the Clay Pits area is private property. Please respect property rights. Do not enter private properties and bird from the roadside only.


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