Gifford State Forest

About this Location

Gifford State Forest is situated in the hill country of southeastern Ohio, approximately 15 miles northeast of Athens and 20 miles south of McConnelsville. At 320 acres the smallest state forest, it was donated to the state in 1959 by William Gifford Selby under conditions that it be used for experimentation and research. It was named for his mother Virginia Gifford and her family. Today, Gifford State Forest is managed by the Division of Forestry and contains several plantations of hardwoods and conifers. It includes some 4 miles of hiking trails in forested hills and bluffs, and a small pond and reed area. Hunting game animals is permitted in season.

Notable Trails

There are 4 miles of hiking trails in Gifford State Forest.
Trail numbers have been applied on the map below, not by the state forest. Trails 3 and 4 have been closed indefinitely, due to heavy logging. These trails will probably not be worth hiking for at least twenty years.
Trail 1 – .8 mile
Trail 2 – .3 mile
Trail 3 – .5 mile (closed)
Trail 4 – 1.5 miles (closed)
Trail 5 – .3 mile

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