East Sandusky Bay MetroPark--Putnam Marsh

East Sandusky Bay MetroPark--Putnam Marsh

Huron, Ohio 44839

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About this Location

Putnam Marsh, is located within East Sandusky Bay MetroPark near Cedar Point Amusement Park and is greatly influenced by the level of adjacent Lake Erie. A majority of the preserve is usually underwater. The 966-acre preserve is a protected natural area because of its importance as one of the last undeveloped naturally functioning marshes on the southern Lake Erie shoreline and it is a critical habitat area for plants and animals. Several rare plant species, including the American Lotus, the endangered Engelmann’s spike-rush and Tuckerman’s panic-grass have been found in the preserve.

This marsh is also renowned for its abundant waterfowl, including Tundra Swans in spring and fall. It is also an important stopping site for migratory song birds as they make their long trek across Lake Erie.

Putnam Marsh Nature Preserve acquisition was made possible through partnership in 2003 between the Trust for Public Land, The Nature Conservancy, Erie MetroParks, local landowners and community leaders, the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program, and The Mildred Andrews Fund.

About East Sandusky Bay MetroPark

East Sandusky Bay MetroPark is the umbrella name for a collection of neighboring parks and preserves located on East Sandusky Bay. The facilities include, from west to east, Eagle Point, Joseph Steinen Wildlife Area, Putnam Marsh Nature Preserve, Wyandot Wetland Meadows Preserve, and the Barnes Addition. All are passive-use sites and offer hiking trails, wildlife viewing opportunities, fishing, and seasonal hunting by permit only.

Steinen Wildlife Area is one of several key protected natural areas along the southern shoreline of Lake Erie. Part of East Sandusky Bay Preserve MetroPark, this 155-acre natural area protects an extraordinary freshwater marsh and uplands rich in critical food and sanctuary for all types of species including ducks, raptors, and migratory birds. It’s an important stopover point along the Mississippi and Atlantic Flyway, one of the largest bird migration routes in the eastern U.S. Plans for public use of the area need to be wisely balanced to protect the area’s rich mixture of open water, wetlands, and wildlife habitat.

The wildlife area includes three neighboring parcels, all adjacent to US-6. The east and west parcels are bounded on the north by Lake Erie and the southernmost parcel by Perkins Avenue. The northernmost parts of the east and west parcels are greatly influenced by the water level of the adjacent lake and some sections are underwater. From the most northern tip of the wildlife area, the view of East Sandusky Bay is open and inspiring. The south parcel is very different from the other two parcels and the Erie County Ohio Bicentennial Barn is on the site. A neighbor’s horses graze on the private pastureland adjacent to the Barn. The west parcel has about a 0.5 mile rustic trail and is open daily, year‐round, from 8 am to dark, except during hunting season when access is restricted. Access to the south and east parcels is by prior permission only. With the collaboration of the ODNR, Division of Wildlife, seasonal controlled youth hunting at this site is by permit only.

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