Peterson Rd. (view from roadside only)

Peterson Rd. (view from roadside only)

Xenia, Ohio 45385

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Birds of Interest

Lapland Longspurs were observed in the winter of 2014 as well as many Horned Larks. Snow Buntings use the fields as well. It is good for ducks and shorebirds in a wet spring when the fields hold standing water. There are also two more permanent ponds that have held good numbers of dabblers.

About this Location

Peterson Road stretches through some large agricultural fields in Greene County.

The entire area is viewed from public roads. There are no parking spaces, though I’ve managed to bird it many times simply by pulling to the side of the road. There is very little traffic here and the open space allows for plenty of visibility.

Roadside accessible.

No restroom facilities.

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