Hoover Reservoir--Twin Bridges Boat Ramp

Hoover Reservoir--Twin Bridges Boat Ramp

Red Bank Road Galena, Ohio 43021

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About this Location

Continue north on Sunbury Road across the causeway to the stop sign where the road Ts. To the right is Red Bank Road. Follow Red Bank Road for about.75 mile to the Twin Bridges Launch Ramp. Here you will often find a wide selection of ducks during both spring and fall migration. This is also near the site of one of several Turkey Vulture roosts at Hoover Reservoir.

About Hoover Reservoir

Hoover Reservoir consists of 5,026 total acres. This is made up of 3,843 Water acres at normal water levels and 1,183 Land acres that include The Hoover Nature Preserve that is just over 925 acres. There are areas of open water, wetland swamp, wetland forest, riparian corridors, deciduous forest, pine stands, prairie remnants, and seasonal mudflats. The main roads around Hoover Reservoir are Sunbury Road, Big Walnut Road, Tussic Street, and South Old 3C Highway on the West; Sunbury Road on the North; Sunbury Road, Red Bank Road and Schott Road on the East; and Central College Road on the South. Smothers Road crosses the reservoir along the Franklin-Delaware County line.

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