Cameron Seep

Cameron Seep

Cameron, Arizona 86020

Tips for Birding

The Seep itself (marked) is perhaps the best vagrant birding in Cameron, but a tamarisk jungle extends down the Little Colorado River in both directions and rare birds can be found anywhere along it. To bird the Seep, park to the side of the road in front of the gate (whether it is closed or not) and walk down the road. Check the small sewage treatment facility on your left as you walk down. Look for Rock and Canyon Wrens among the rocks. The road above the Seep is a good place to pish and large flocks of migrants will sometimes come in. Walking further down the road, dirt trails lead to a few small ponds and the Seep itself among tamarisk thickets. This area has attracted an impressive number of vagrants over the years. Depending on how long you want to spend in the area, walk up or down the river bed to check for flocks of migrants.

While the main birding attraction in Cameron is the Seep, be sure to check out the Trading Post while you’re there. A small courtyard nestled among hotel buildings (marked) is especially green and attractive to migrant songbirds.

Content from Northern Arizona Audubon Society