Kendrick Park Watchable Wildlife Trail

Kendrick Park Watchable Wildlife Trail

Coconino National Forest West Fort Valley Ranch Road

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About this Location

Kendrick Park is approximately 2000 acres owned by the US Forest Service. In partnership with many agencies and local groups, the Forest developed two loop trails (totaling 1.5 miles) with interpretive signs to describe the animals, habitats, and human influence visitors are likely to see.
From Arizona Watchable Wildlife

This trail bridges the habitats of forest and grassland making it an ideal location to encounter residents of both places. Wildlife lives here. You may experience the presence of a wide variety of bird, insect, and animal life on this unique trail. Some of the wildlife you may see are Steller’s Jay, Northern Flicker, Pygmy Nuthatch, Hairy Woodpecker, Red-tailed Hawk, mule deer, porcupine, pronghorn antelope, elk, Abert’s squirrel, badger, and coyote.

Watch for animal tracks, scat, burrows and nests, traces of fur or feathers, and other signs that wildlife use this area. You will also see evidence of human impact on the environment.

The local animal life, forest and grassland vegetation, wildfire occurrences, historic presence of man and many other stories are interpreted for you along the way. There are tremendous views of the San Francisco Peaks, Kendrick Mountain, and Kendrick Park.

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