East Branch Bullskin Creek Falls @ OH-505

East Branch Bullskin Creek Falls @ OH-505

OH-505 Georgetown, Ohio 45121

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Tips for Birding

Though this stop doesn’t provide access to a large area it is still worth checking out because in addition to a wide variety of birds there is also a beautiful riparian habitat that includes a stunning waterfall. As you head North on OH-505 out of Higgensport, go 2.6 miles. As soon as you cross the bridge over Creek you will see a pull off on the left. Park here and you will see a path over a pile of dirt put there to keep vehicles out by the road. If you follow the dirt road back you will end up at the falls. Only a small area is accessible, but many woodland stream species can be found here including Louisiana Water Thrush, Acadian Flycatcher, Northern Parula, Scarlet Tanager, Eastern Wood Peewee, Wood Thrush, Yellow-throated Warbler, and many more. This was always a favorite stop of mine while conducting surveys for the Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas project.

Locals use this area to camp and swim from time to time. Be careful when pulling back out on OH-505 because there is a very sharp corner to the left out of the parking area.

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