Schultz Creek

About this Location

Schultz Creek Trail parallels one of several intermittent drainages that carry water from the higher reaches of the San Francisco Peaks. Generally, the stream only has water in it a few months of every year, either during the spring snow melt or after a summer monsoon. However, even when there is no water here, which is most of the time, walking beside the water-smoothed stones and ledges worn by ephemeral waterfalls can still give one the pleasant feeling of being near a brook even if you have to imagine the babble.

This trail has one of the most moderate gradients of any in the San Francisco Peaks and Mt. Elden area. Still, it has enough ups and downs to be extremely popular with mountain bikers. So, if you come for a hike or a horseback ride, keep your ears and eyes open and be ready to share the trail with other users.

If you hike this trail during a quiet time, Abert’s squirrels and Steller’s jays are animals you might see here. During late spring and early summer, this is a good place to hear the musical trill of the hermit thrush. Schultz Creek Trail serves as a connecting trail between Rocky Ridge and the Sunset trails.

Drive north from Flagstaff 2 miles on US-180 to FR-420 (Schultz Pass Road). Turn east and follow FR-420 about a mile to a gate and cattle guard. Turn right down over the hill toward Schultz Creek and park. The trailhead is at the north end of the parking area.

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