Clear Fork Reservoir--Picnic Area #3

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There are three picnic areas on the south side of the Clear Fork Reservoir. Picnic Areas #1 and #2 are in Richland County. Picnic Area #3 is in Morrow County. Each picnic area provides views of the lake. They are all open during the summer. Some may be closed and gated in the offseason.

About Clear Fork Reservoir

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Clear Fork Reservoir is located in Richland and Morrow counties, approximately 8 miles southwest of Mansfield along OH-97.

Clear Fork Reservoir was completed in 1949. The city of Mansfield constructed this 971-acre reservoir as a water supply lake.

Clear Fork Reservoir has a gently sloping bottom with a maximum depth of 24 feet. The upper end is shallow with numerous tree stumps. Several islands characterize the mid-lake area while the lower end is deeper and open.


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