University of Richmond--Westhampton Lake

University of Richmond--Westhampton Lake

Richmond, Virginia 23226

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Tips for Birding

To reach the lake, you will need to walk the length of the Gambles Mill Eco-Corridor, and then a short distance across the campus.

Don't bother trying to park along College Drive. There are one or two road shoulder pullouts along that road, but there is no direct way to reach the lake from there on foot.

The northeast side of the lake is adjacent to residence halls; the southwest side abuts some woods. For both of those reasons, it is probably best to observe the lake (and woods) from the path on the southwest side. The woods are not very large, but the trees are tall and diverse.

The campus has a nice variety of trees and shrubs, and the walk across the campus to reach the lake can be productive.

About this Location

The campus lake is about 500 yards long, with a small island near the northwest end. The island can be reached via a pedestrian bridge. The lake is surrounded partly by concrete plazas, connected by an asphalt path along the southwest portion. There are restrooms inside the Commons building at the southeast end.

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The only convenient* public parking for either hot spot at the University campus is the shopping center lot at the intersection of River Road and Huguenot Road.

*It is possible to park on the campus, but only with advance planning. According to the campus web site:

Visitors are required to register their vehicles with Parking Services and properly display a visitor pass from their vehicle’s rear-view mirror. (Visitors must submit a visit request and have the permit mailed to them, before their visit.)


  • Restrooms on site

  • Entrance fee

  • Roadside viewing

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Last updated March 25, 2024