Baboosic Lake, Amherst

About this Location

Baboosic Lake is a small lake in Amherst covering 226 acres. It is large enough for motor boats and the perfect size for kayaks and canoes. Formed more than 10,000 years ago by glaciers, Baboosic Lake is one of the many glacial lakes and ponds in New Hampshire. The lake is fed by many brooks, but mostly by springs.

Baboosic Lake is the misspelled, incorrect pronunciation for the lake’s actual name, Papoosuck Lake, meaning “twins.” The Abenaki tribe called it this because the lake used to have an hourglass shape, almost two separated lakes connected by a small channel of water. Due to massive floods and other natural occurrences, the lake’s shape was largely transformed.

Content from News article about history of Baboosic Lake