Stratford Woods State Nature Preserve

About this Location

The woodland at Stratford Woods State Nature Preserve is mainly oak-hickory-ash-maple but also includes riparian, swamp, and transitional species that occur here. Large beech trees are located near the stream and wildflowers abound. More than 30 species of trees have been recorded.

  • Variety of woodlands including buttonbush swamps
  • Excellent spring wildflowers
  • Parking lot
  • Loop trail system
  • Outdoor education center

A gravel driveway divides Stratford Woods into north and south sections. North of the driveway, where the land is flat, there are two buttonbush swamps associated with pin oak and swamp white oak. South of the driveway, the land is better drained, forming a ravine system that deepens as it flows east of the preserve, exposing Delaware limestone bedrock. The stream enters the Olentangy State Scenic River at Stratford. The greatest profusion of spring wildflowers is seen along the north side of the stream, south of the parking lot. Large-flowered, drooping, and sessile trillium are joined by mayapple, dwarf larkspur, blue phlox, wild hyacinth, and many other wildflowers in April and May.

Owned and managed by the Stratford Ecological Center. Loop trail system, parking lot, and outdoor education center. Open Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5 pm and Saturday, 9 am – 1 pm.

Located in southern Delaware County. US-23 to Powell Road, then west 5 miles to Liberty Road and north to the Stratford Ecological Center.

Restrooms on site.

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