Sycamore SP

Sycamore SP

4675 North Diamond Mill Road Trotwood, Ohio 45426

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About this Location

Sycamore State Park lies in the vast fertile till plains of western Ohio in the Wolf Creek Valley. The original forest contained magnificent oaks, walnut, maple, ash, wild cherry and many other tree species. The forest abounded with wild turkey, deer, elk, and bison. Long before any permanent settlement was made in the area, its beauty and fertility were well known in the Kentucky settlements and to the people east of the Alleghenies.

Settlers were attracted to this area because of the fertile soil. When the Miami-Erie Canal was completed in 1829, the area became quite prosperous. Underlying the rich fertile soils were vast beds of gravel and sand providing excellent materials for road making. Hundreds of miles of roads were built in the county with these materials making it one of the most accessible during the state’s infancy.

At one time, the land comprising Sycamore State Park was purchased by a development corporation to build a housing project. When the corporation was unable to complete the construction, the lands were offered to the state of Ohio. Sycamore was dedicated as a state park in November 1979.

Notable Trails

Sycamore State Park Trails
The Ghost Hedge Nature Trail offers the hiker an opportunity to explore the Wolf Creek Valley. Giant sycamore trees form a picturesque canopy over the trail. The Beech Ridge Trail explores the surrounding woodlots and meadows. The Meadowlark Trail and Heron Run Trail connect the Ghost Hedge and Beech Ridge trails to create approximately 8 miles of hiking opportunities. Horse riders can enjoy 18 miles of bridle trail, including the snowmobile routes when not snow-covered. The trails pass through scenic meadows and woodlots.

Ghost Hedge Trail – 2.97 miles – Easy
Beech Ridge Trail – 1.3 miles – Moderate
Meadowlark Trail – 1.3 miles – Moderate
Heron Run Trail – 1.73 miles – Moderate

Bridle and Snowmobile Trails – 18 miles

Descriptions with maps of hikes using trails at Sycamore State Park are on the AllTrails website.

The Wolf Creek Bikeway passes adjacent to the state park.


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