Samuels Wildlife Area

About this Location

Samuels Wildlife Area, 83 acres, lies 2.5 miles southwest of Vinton on OH-160 in Morgan Township of Gallia County.

Most of the area is wooded. White oak, black oak, cherry, sassafras, maple, ash, and black gum are the dominant tree species of the upland forest areas. A small portion of the area consists of reverting fields containing pine, sassafras, crabapple, and dogwood. Index of Ohio’s trees from the Division of Forestry.

This property was acquired as a gift from Cloene Samuels in December 1989. There is one clear-cut from 1987 on the north end and a more recent 19-acre clear-cut east of Will Grey Road. This area is managed primarily for wildlife species associated with upland forest habitat types.

Many woodland songbirds can be found here. The major game species are white-tailed deer, turkey, squirrel, and ruffed grouse.

Access to the area is gained via OH-160, Will Grey Road, and Wilder Road.


  • Restrooms on site

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