Indian Creek MetroPark--Pater Wildlife Area

Indian Creek MetroPark--Pater Wildlife Area

Reily Millville Road Oxford, Ohio 45056

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About this Location

Pater Wildlife Area is located in southwest Ohio, six miles south of Oxford near the village of Reily. Approximately two-thirds of the area is in woods, mostly along Indian Creek, which runs through the middle of the area. The remainder of the area is open land consisting of cropland and meadow fields. 34 acres are leased to the Butler County Metro Parks.

Purchasing of land for this wildlife area began in 1948. Management work has included the planting of conifers, protection and improvement of existing woodlands, and maintenance of open fields.

Smallmouth bass, rock bass, sunfish, carp, and suckers are the principal fish species in Indian Creek. Cottontail rabbit, bobwhite quail, fox squirrel, mourning dove, whitetail deer, woodchuck, raccoon, red and gray foxes, muskrat, mink, skunk, and opossum are the major game and fur species. Wood ducks and an occasional mallard can be found along Indian Creek. A variety of songbirds can be found on the area year-round and many more use the area in the spring and fall during migration.

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