James Wildlife Area

About this Location

The 76-acre Dan and Margaret James Wildlife Area is located in Guernsey County, in southeastern Ohio. The wildlife area is approximately 3 miles west of Senecaville and can be accessed from Guernsey County Road 549 and Richland Township Road 4540.

The Division of Wildlife received the property through a donation from the estate of Dan and Margaret James in 1996. The terrain is typical of southeast Ohio consisting of wooded, rolling hills dissected by small streams. The habitat currently found in the wildlife area consists of 65 acres of forestland (85%) and 11 acres of grassland (15%). There is a large overhead power line along with the new REX underground gas line running from west to east through the wildlife area. This power/pipeline is where the grassland can be found.

Wildlife typically found in southeastern Ohio can be found on the James. Good numbers of fox and gray squirrels can be found in the larger forested areas along with deer and wild turkey. Woodland-associated songbirds such as the scarlet tanager and pileated woodpecker can be observed in the area. Raccoons, red foxes, and mink are some of the furbearers you may find inhabiting the wildlife area.

The primary public opportunities in this small wildlife area are deer, turkey, and squirrel hunting. Opportunities for trapping and bird watching are also available in the James Wildlife Area. The Division of Wildlife’s management objectives will focus on providing our users with a reasonable opportunity for success while pursuing species found in the wildlife area.


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