Greeley Park, Nashua

Greeley Park, Nashua

Concord Street Nashua, New Hampshire 03060 ‎

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Greeley Park has multiple entrances and parking sites on both sides of Concord Street, some of which may be inaccessible during winter. Wide, paved walking trails exist through the forest that lies behind the part of the park containing the pollinator garden, pool, and playground. Here, Eastern Wood-pewees, woodpeckers, Pine Warblers, and vireos can be found. Most activity, however, is on the other side of the park, where ample open space offers good viewing for Common Nighthawk migration, with finches and waxwings frequenting the scattered trees. The community gardens host an abundance of fall migrants, with over a dozen sparrow species reported including rarities such as Clay-colored and Lark Sparrow, making it a must-check location during that part of the year. Raptors sit on the large snag behind the gardens in the construction area, and the weeds and brush piles make a habitat for wrens. The small border of forest between the gardens and surrounding residential area is often used as a shelter for birds feeding in the gardens or shyer species. Past the ball fields are trails through a brief stretch of woods, leading out to a power line right-of-way and railroad tracks. This offers shrubby habitat where Brown Thrashers, Indigo Buntings, and Chimney Swifts can be seen.

Birds of Interest

Eastern Wood-pewees, Pine Warblers, Common Nighthawks,  Brown Thrashers, Indigo Buntings,  Chimney Swifts, vireos, woodpeckers, raptors,  wrens, and over a dozen sparrow species reported including rarities such as Clay-colored and Lark Sparrow,

About this Location

Greeley Park is a Nashua city park which has a wading pool, tennis courts, a softball field, trails, sledding, a playground, horse shoes, a picnic area, a historical site, and restrooms.

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