Redbird Hollow Trail

About this Location

The Redbird Hollow trail is one of Indian Hill’s numerous paths along ridges and through forests. A naturalist’s delight, this 54-acre tract in the southwestern quadrant of the Village belongs to the Nature Conservancy and the Redbird Hollow Association. Long ago glaciers that spread to southwestern Ohio carved ridges and hollows through which streams then flowed. The glacial conglomerate in Redbird Hollow reveals the era in which the land was shaped and the physical characteristics of that time.

Today, Redbird Hollow remains a serene preserve where wildflowers abound, and deciduous and coniferous trees shade the trail. Woodpeckers, sapsuckers, and owls inhabit the valley, and even a mink has been seen there. This wild remnant of Ohio forestland and stream, designated an Ohio Natural Landmark in 1983, remains a fragile oasis in the heart of Indian Hill, thanks to dedicated residents.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

  • Roadside viewing

Content from Redbird Hollow Trail (Indian Hills Historical Society) webpage