Riverside Natural Area

About this Location

Riverside Natural Area is located along the Great Miami River in Hamilton, Ohio. Among the features certain to be attractive to birders are a lagoon formed from an old river channel, a small constructed wetland that backs up against the south side of the lagoon, and approximately 130 acres of prairie. There is a modest 10-acre prairie just off the parking lot but, on the south side of Riverside Natural Area, you’ll find the large, 120-acre prairie.

To reach Riverside Natural Area, take I-275 to the OH-4 exit. Follow OH-4 North, towards Hamilton, until you reach the traffic light at Symmes Road. (The old Fisher Body plant sits on the northeast corner of the intersection). Turn left onto Symmes Road and follow Symmes until you reach River Road. At River Road, you’ll want to turn right (north). While on River Road you’ll pass Joyce Park before coming to an “interesting” 3-Way intersection where St. Clair runs into River Road. Stay on River Road. The next traffic light marks the intersection of River Road with Fairview Avenue on the right and Conservation Way on the left, the road that leads to Riverside Natural Area. Turn left onto Conservation Way and drive about 300 yards until you reach the parking lot–you can’t miss it. You can’t miss it because one, it’s the only parking lot; two, the Wastewater Treatment facility, which is right next to the parking lot, is very hard to overlook!


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

  • Roadside viewing

Content from Cincinnati Audubon Society webpage