Angst Nature Preserve MetroPark

Angst Nature Preserve MetroPark

4050 Trenton Oxford Road Hamilton, Ohio 45011

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Tips for Birding

The park asks that the public stay away from the buildings on the property, they are in the process of renovation for future use.  

The Orange Loop trail crosses a creek in 3 places. The first crossing has a footbridge, but the second and third crossings do not. Caution should be used especially for Crossing 2. Metroparks plans to install a drainage pipe and fill over Crossing 2 with gravel in the near future.

Directly across OH-73 is Cotton Run Cemetery. Because traffic is high and it is on a hill, walking across the street to visit is not advised. Access is just a grass lane. The cemetery is maintained by Wayne Township trustees and features interesting headstones and markers from the 1800s.

About this Location

Angst Nature Preserve MetroPark in Wayne Township opened to the public in 2021. Its 84 acres has a one-mile hiking trail, named the Orange Loop, that traverses woods, small streams, and farm fields. The farm fields will be restored to natural meadows in the future with additional planned improvements, nature trails, and restroom facilities. 


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated September 5, 2023