Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area--Point Traverse Woods

Birds of Interest

Birding the road and trails here is productive for songbirds in spring and fall migration. There are also several vantages out onto the lake which offer a good chance to scan for ducks, loons, grebes and other waterbirds. If scanning the lake, a scope is helpful.

About this Location

Point Traverse Woods covers the largely deciduous-dominated woods where Long Point Road makes a sharp ninenty degree turn to the south. There is an expanded shoulder at the curve for parking and a network of trails with new signage (in spring 2020/21). The trails are not long (less than one kilometre loop). 

About Prince Edward Point NWA

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Prince Edward Point NWA is a national wildlife area at the end of Long Point, at the southeastern corner of Prince Edward County. Long Point Road runs along the north and eastern permimeter of the property, and trails run throughout.

The Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory operates a spring and fall banding station that serves as a hub for birding activity at the location.

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