Lampson Reservoir

About this Location

The Lampson Reservoir is located about three miles east of OH-45 on OH-307, just as one crosses the Mill Creek.

The reservoir itself takes up about 22 acres of the 109-acre parkland that is proposed there.

Mill Creek that bounds the area on north and west, feeding into the Grand River, offers recreational fishing both above and below the old dam across the Mill Creek itself. A bonus is upstream a half-mile or so where the Mill Creek meanders leisurely under the Doyle Road Covered Bridge.

Lampson Reservoir Metropark provides visitors with opportunities for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, birdwatching, and nature photography. The park has a 10-acre lake with a floating boardwalk and benches. Visitors can explore primitive trails with scenic views of 50 acres of wetlands, 63 acres of floodplain forest and .75 miles of Mill Creek, a tributary of the State Designated Wild and Scenic Grand River, which flows past the park. Western Reserve Land Conservancy acquired the original 93-acre property for the Metroparks from the Ashtabula County Commissioners and restored the former water supply reservoir into wetlands and a lake. The Land Conservancy acquired the additional 70-acre property for the Metroparks to expand the park to 163 acres.

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