Pawtuckaway SP--Fundy Cove Boat Launch, Nottingham

Pawtuckaway SP--Fundy Cove Boat Launch, Nottingham

Nottingham, New Hampshire 03290

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About this Location

Fundy Cove Boat Launch is a public access point to Pawtuckaway Lake. The boat launch is located at the northern end of the lake, where the shoreline is less developed and more scenic than the southern end. The launch has a circular driveway and parking lot, and a lake host to inspect boats and kayaks for invasive plant species. 

About Pawtuckaway State Park

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Pawtuckaway State Park is a huge state park covering most of the southern end of the Town of Nottingham. It centers around several peaks that comprise Mount Pawtuckaway and abuts the western edge of Pawtuckaway Lake. (The other edges of the lake are private property.) An area called Burnham Marsh is near the end of the main entrance road just before the campground and adjacent to the Fundy Trail. Because of the campground and the many people who stay there, this area usually has a lot of people around, so the birding may not be ideal.

Pawtuckaway Lake is on the east side, but most birding is done in the large forested area in the western part of the park. That area includes Middle Mountain and South Mountain, trails through the extensive forest, ponds, and scattered open wetlands. The flies come out after mid-June, so try to visit before then. Of course, most of this rather large park is not explored by birders on an annual basis and surprises likely await in the more remote areas.

The Fundy Trail between the campground area and the boat launch area passes through woods and by Burnham Marsh. It can be productive, but because of the nearby campground and the many people who stay there, it is often crowded.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Entrance fee

  • Roadside viewing

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

Last updated October 25, 2023