Newtown Gravel Pits

Newtown Gravel Pits

Round Bottom Road Anderson, Ohio 45244

About this Location

In a nutshell, birders cannot access the Newtown gravel pits as the area is posted No Trespassing. Some people apparently have access and permission because I see duck hunters down there on a regular basis during the waterfowl season. There are a few places along the property boundary where you can peek in and get a look at some of the water. These sites include the end of Edwards Road on the south boundary, atop the dike behind the Farmers Market on Roundbottom Road, and a distant and partially obstructed view of one pit from Broadwell Road.

The pits were owned (and I believe still are) by Martin Marietta Aggregates but have been inactive for many years. This may all change in the near future as the owners are proposing to begin operations again, using a controversial method of blasting. This has created a considerable controversy with many locals in serious opposition. Whatever the case may be, the future of the Newtown gravel pits is up in the air.

Over the past 40 years or so access to the site has varied. Many species have been attracted to the site over the years and there are many excellent records from there. I am sure if access was regularly allowed there would be many other intriguing records found at the site. But for now, the area is considered off limits.

No restroom facilities.

Content from Birding in Cincinnati posted in 2009