Pickaway County Airport

Pickaway County Airport

28181 McCrady Road Circleville, Ohio 43113

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Birds of Interest

Short-eared Owls
Migrant waterfowl, shorebirds, and grassland species.
A good variety of sparrows and other grassland birds, plus others.
Same as spring.

About this Location

From the intersection of US-23 and OH-56 in Circleville, go 4+ mi south on US-23, and take a right (west) on Jefferson Road. A half-mile after crossing the bridge over Scippo Creek, turn left into the marked entry road.

Pickaway County Airport is a typical sleepy rural airport, situated in primeval Pickaway Plains prairie, where interesting birding can be had from the roadsides. Along the entry road, a large colony of thirteen-lined ground squirrels is evident, along with Eastern Meadowlarks and Grasshopper and Savannah Sparrows in season. Follow the road as far as the parking lot on the right past the headquarters; driving past this point is prohibited without permission. Walk the road further past the first hangar. Sparrows of several species come to drink at a ditch on the right. A pair of Vesper Sparrows usually nests in the treeline to the left. A stony raised area between the road and the runway, covered with short grass and bare spots, can be covered with pipits in migration, as well as foraging sparrows; it looks like an area where Smith’s longspur might be found in migration, and there are a number of records in the area. Past the runways and over the Scioto River, vultures are numerous, hawks move in spring and fall, and a large heronry can be seen before the trees fully leaf out.

Heading back toward US-23 along Jefferson Road, take a signed right toward the water treatment plant just before passing under the railroad tracks. The gravel road bends right and follows the tracks, whose right of way harbors a surprising number of breeding birds, including the expected sparrows, chats and other warblers, blackbirds, and flyover water birds from Scippo Creek. Blue grosbeaks have successfully nested here on several occasions in recent years, along with Dickcissels in good numbers. Do not block the road or trespass beyond the railroad. You may have to go all the way to the plant to turn around. Back on Jefferson, US-23 is less than a mile after a right turn, past the bridge over the creek.

Law-abiding birders are allowed during daylight hours.
There is a parking area at the airport.

This intensively farmed area, just a mile or two from the Scioto River, can still resonate with hints of the bird life of the former Pickaway Plains.
From Ohio Ornithological Society

No restroom facilities.

Roadside accessible.