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Pinal Peak is the high point of the Pinal Mountains. This large mountain is located in the Tonto National Forest about nine miles south of Globe and is a prominent landmark in the area. A good road goes all the way to the summit of Pinal Peak, which is crowded with radio towers. Pinal Peak has several good trails on it, and a campground is located near the top.

From US-70 in the city of Globe, turn off the highway when you see a sign that says, “Pinal Mountain Recreation Area”. This sign is located on the east side of a large bridge on US-70. Start driving towards Icehouse Canyon. At some point, you will reach a sign that points to Icehouse Canyon (right) and Sixshooter Canyon (left). Turn right towards Icehouse Canyon and follow FR-112 as it heads for Pinal Peak. A short while later, you will reach another road junction between FR-112 and FR-55. Turn left onto FR-112. The road will turn to dirt at some point. Continue up the road for another mile or two until you reach the Icehouse CCC Picnic Site sign. Continue up the road another half mile or so until you see a small turnoff on the right side of the road. This is the start of Forest Trail 192, also known as the Telephone Trail. There is only enough parking for one or two vehicles. It’s easy to miss the parking spot, but there is a trail sign about 30′ from the parking spot. You can also drive all the way to the top using a different road.

Notable Trails

Set in the cool Pinal Mountains South of Pioneer Pass is the Squaw Springs Trail that leads to Pinal Peak. The East Mountain Trail, known for its desert vistas, is also nearby.

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