Blendon Woods Metro Park--Natural Playground

Tips for Birding

One of the biggest draws to Blendon Woods is the excellent birding opportunities the park presents. In fact, more than 220 species of birds have been spotted at Blendon. Many of the trails in the park, and particularly the Sugarbush, are heavily populated with many different species of birds. Several feeders behind the Nature Center and the windowed viewing area inside make this another great place to spot and learn about the wild songbirds of central Ohio. This viewing area even includes a microphone and speakers that transmit the chirping and trilling of the birds from outside.

However, the biggest birding draw at the park is Thoreau Lake. There are two birding shelters on this lake, just a quarter-mile from the Nature Center. Thoreau draws many species to the park, including a variety of ducks, great blue herons, and the more elusive green heron. It is also home to many turtles, frogs, and more, and special fishing programs are held on its banks throughout the summer.

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Spectacular stream-cut ravines surrounded by beech-maple and oak-hickory forests highlight the 653-acre Blendon Woods Metro Park. The 118-acre Walden Waterfowl Refuge with its 11-acre Thoreau Lake provides a sanctuary for hundreds of birds and other wildlife. The refuge is open year-round and features two elevated observation shelters with spotting scopes for viewing waterfowl. More than 220 species of birds have been sighted at the park.

Explore the beautiful outcroppings of exposed bedrock as you hike more than 5 miles of trails.


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