MacIvor Woods

Tips for Birding

There are two pedestrian entrances: The south entrance from a housing development off Emmaus Road has limited parking. The north access is directly from the east side of the Kroger parking lot.

There is a retention pond at the Kroger entrance as you walk down the head of the trail into the woods. There are some rolling hills and a very nice mix of tree cover (pine, hickory, oak, shrubs). It also has some low spots and about 3 bridges going over a small stream.

There is basically one trail that loops around the property with a center path allowing for a figure 8 walk.

About this Location

Malcolm MacIvor, M.D. (1922-2002), long-time Union County Coroner, physician, and lifelong resident of Marysville is responsible for the perpetual preservation of the property now known as MacIvor Woods. For 52 years, he and his wife Barbara raised their family on the property located on the west side of Marysville. He was a master gardener and enjoyed his greenhouse and plantings of various botanicals obtained from all over the world. In 1998 he donated a conservation easement over a large portion of his property’s primary woodland area to the Humane Society Wildlife Land & Trust in an effort to preserve the native flora and fauna of the land.

MacIvor Woods is 57 acres of woodland that has been perpetually protected by a conservation easement held by the Humane Society Wildlife Land & Trust. An entrance to the north end of the property is located adjacent to Kroger on West 5th Street and is also accessible from Emmaus Road to the south. There is a 1.2-mile nature trail that allows visitors to experience the natural beauty of this protected land. The trail is open daily from dawn to dusk.

No restroom facilities. There are restrooms in nearby businesses.

Restrooms on site.

Content from Gerald Strosnider and MacIvor Woods borchure and map