Eidson Woods Preserve, Greenville

Eidson Woods Preserve, Greenville

Palestine-Union City Road Greenville, Ohio 45331

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About this Location

Consisting of 55 acres of maturing woodland and 15 acres of intermediate succession savannah, Eidson Woods offers an excellent range of habitats and species of interest. There are several tree species of significant age, including several American Sycamores and White Oaks. The forest floor is awash with native woodland wildflowers and woodland frogs can be heard in the spring. Summertime visitors will enjoy the cooling waters of Kraut Creek, a pristine tributary of the state designated Scenic River, Greenville Creek. In the autumn, the Preserve’s beech, maple, oak and hickory trees will paint the sky with oranges, reds, and yellows. Even in the dead of winter, hikers can stumble upon a fishing Great Blue Heron, foraging White-tailed Deer and tracks of many others!

On the northern end of the Preserve, a budding savannah can be seen. Consisting of various grasses and second-growth trees, this area will demonstrate how the land transforms as it returns to nature. This region will provide much-needed edge habitat, further encouraging the biodiversity of this Preserve.

Within the forest is a buttonbush swamp. Buttonbush is commonly associated with high-quality wetlands. In addition to this swamp, several vernal pools are interspersed throughout the low areas of the woodland. These pools provide excellent breeding habitat for numerous amphibians and birds alike.

Easily accessible from OH-502 West and Palestine-Union City Road.

No restroom facilities.

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