Hollstein Reservation

About this Location

Hollstein Reservation features a short 0.6-mile paved walking trail that travels through the woods and ends with a nice view of Beaver Creek. The trailhead for this walking trail is adjacent to the parking lot of the Amherst HealthPlex and is part of the Beaver Creek Trail which connects Hollstein Reservation and Amherst Beaver Creek Reservation.

The 13-acre portion of the Hollstein Reservation, preserved with assistance from Western Reserve Land Conservancy, is used by visitors for many forms of passive use outdoor recreation including hiking, picnicking, wildlife and plant observation, and photography. Visitors can enjoy a walk to Beaver Creek along an easily accessible trail.

Parking is available at 47160 Hollstein Drive, Amherst, Ohio 44001. The northern portion of the Hollstein Reservation can be accessed by following the trail for approximately 0.5 miles.

Content from Hollstein Reservation webpage and Western Reserve Land Conservancy Parks and Preserves webpage