Atwood Lake

Tuscarawas, Ohio, US


138 species

Tips for Birding

Most of Atwood Lake is in Carroll County. The Tuscarawas-Carroll county line is on the west side of the lake and runs through Atwood Lake Park. 

About this Location

Atwood Lake is located at the western edge of Dellroy in western Carroll County along OH-542. The dam is in Tuscarawas County on OH-212. The eastern part of Atwood Lake Park is in Carroll County and the western part is in Tuscarawas County.

The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District was organized under state law in 1933 for the primary purpose of flood control, conservation, and recreation. The first waters to form the permanent lakes were impounded in 1938. In 1939 the flood control aspect became the responsibility of the United States Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Ohio-Mississippi Flood Control Program.


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