Hueston Woods State Park

Preble County


187 species

Butler County


176 species

Preble County


170 species

Preble County


113 species

Hueston Woods State Park

6301 Park Office Road College Corner, Ohio 45003

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Tips for Birding

Hueston Woods State Park is in Butler and Preble counties. The eastern part of Acton Lake is in Butler County. The western part of the lake is in Preble County. (See the state park map for the location of the county line.) Please be aware of the location of the county line and submit checklists of birds you see to the appropriate county.

There are tips for birding Hueston Woods State Park on the Cincinnati Audubon website.

About this Location

The rich soils of the area are part of the glacial till plains of western Ohio. Early settlers cleared the dense woodlands to farm the fertile soil. Nearly all of Ohio’s original forest has since vanished. However, one unique stand of virgin timber remains at Hueston Woods. Over 200 acres have been protected and provide visitors with a glimpse of Ohio’s primeval forest. Stately beech and sugar maple tower above the abundance of ferns, wildflowers, and other woodland species. In 1967, the 200-acre forest was designated a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service.

Hueston Woods State Park located in southwest Ohio has an enormous wealth of natural resources. The limestone bedrock of the area is evidence of an ancient shallow sea that once covered Ohio. Much of the limestone is the magnesium-bearing type called dolomite. Fossilized remains of ancient marine animals are so abundant that people from all over the world come to Hueston Woods to collect them.
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Notable Trails

Hueston Woods Trails
There are 10 trails around Acton Lake at Hueston Woods State Park.
Sycamore Trail – 0.7 Miles – Easy
Cabin Trail/Pine Loop – 1.3 Miles – Moderate
Cedar Falls Trail – 0.8 Miles – Moderate
Mud Lick Trail – 2.2 Miles – Moderate
West Shore Trail – 1.5 Miles – Moderate
Sugar Bush Trail – 0.8 Miles – Moderate (0.5 Miles Handicap Accessible)
Blue Heron Trail – .6 Miles – Moderate
Big Woods Trail – 1.1 Miles – Moderate
Hedge Apple Trail – 0.8 Miles – Moderate
Indian Mound Trail – 1.2 Miles – Moderate

Sycamore and Pine Loop Trails
The Sycamore and Pine Loop Trails are across the road from the Sycamore Grove Picnic Area. The Pine Loop is also accessible from the Cabin Area. Hiked together in either order they make a 2-mile hike. If you are not staying in the Cabin Area, park in the Sycamore Grove Picnic Area and cross the road to begin the hike.

Returning to your car you may want to also hike the Cedar Falls Trail.

The AllTrails website has descriptions and maps of hikes in Hueston Woods State Park.

Restrooms at locations identified on park map.