Swine Creek Reservation

Swine Creek Reservation

16004 Hayes Road Middlefield, Ohio 44062

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About this Location

Swine Creek Reservation is a 412-acre park located in the southeast corner of Middlefield Township. Situated in the countryside among Amish farms, the park’s cultural and natural setting make it a very popular destination.

Swine Creek Reservation was once part of a 1,200-acre hunting preserve belonging to Windsor Ford of Mesopotamia. In 1977 he sold Geauga Park District 268 acres that contained a sugar bush, a pond, and a lodge. Additional acres were added along Swine Creek and the former Baltimore & Ohio Railroad corridor.

Notable Trails

Swine Creek Reservation Trails
Nearly 6 miles of trails traverse Swine Creek Reservation. The Gray Fox, Meadowlark, Siltstone, and Sugarbush trails keep to fairly level terrain, while the Valley and Glen trails take on steeper topography with descents into rock-strewn ravines. Swine Creek Valley, the lower section of the park, can be toured from end to end on the Razorback Trail, while the Walnut Trail provides a shorter alternative.

Meadowlark Trail – 0.4 miles
Gray Fox Trail – 1.2 miles
Killdeer Pond Trail – 0.2 miles
Siltstone Trail – 0.6 miles
Wagon Trail – 0.8 miles
Glen Trail – 0.1 miles
Valley trail – 0.7 miles – strenuous
Valley Link Trail – 0.2 miles
Squaw Root Trail – 0.6 miles
Walnut Trail – 0.2 miles
Razorback Trail – 1.10 miles
Maple Highlands Trail – 21.1 miles


  • Restrooms on site

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