Burke Lakefront Airport

Burke Lakefront Airport

North Marginal Road Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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About this Location

Burke Airport occupies a stretch of the downtown Cleveland lakefront from roughly E 9th Street east to near E 55th Street. From the Memorial Shoreway (OH-2) exit at East 9th Street, proceed north to North Marginal Drive and turn right, or exit OH-2 at East 55th Street, proceed north to North Marginal and turn left.

Besides the airport itself, several marinas and the Cleveland Public Power plant provide good views of protected waters that may harbor interesting waterfowl and gulls. As you proceed parallel to the airport runways, stop at the gates along the fence to view the grassy areas and pools of casual water for shorebirds, Horned Larks, and American Pipits, and watch for flocks of Longspurs and Snow Buntings bouncing along the runways. Midway along North Marginal is a rise of land supporting a crossover to the Municipal Parking lot. From this elevated spot, scope the grassy spaces between the runways for shorebirds, Peregrine Falcons, and Snowy Owls.

Restrooms in the terminal.

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