Carlisle Reservation

Carlisle Reservation

12882 Diagonal Road LaGrange, Ohio 44050

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About this Location

Carlisle is the largest of the Lorain County Metro Parks, encompassing 1,917 acres when included with Forest Hills Golf Course which lies at the northeastern end. Carlisle Reservation also offers a large variety of events and activities throughout the year and is home to the administrative offices for the entire park system.

Along with being the largest reservation in the Lorain County park system, Carlisle also has the most diverse natural habitat, including wetland, field, scrub/shrub, prairie, and forest. Much of this variety is due to its location along the transitional area between the great eastern forest, which once ran to the east coast, and the great western prairies, which spread out to the Rocky Mountains.

The west branch of the Black River flows through the park and has created extensive wetlands and bottomlands along both its present and former paths, dominated by box elder, willow, walnut, sycamore, and cottonwood. On higher and drier ground, Carlisle’s forests include combinations of ash, elm, sugar maple, beech, red oak, basswood, tulip, and hickory.

Some notable species in the area include pumpkin ash, butternut, closed gentian, and fox grape (native to Ohio and precursor to the modern grape)—altogether a wide variety of flowers and trees, many of which are on the special concerns list because they are quickly disappearing in Ohio.

Notable Trails

Carlisle Reservation Trails
The 1500 acres of the Carlisle Reservation provide for an adventurous amount of hiking. The flood plain, upland meadows, mature forests, and a 65-acre wetland area provide for scenery changes during hikes. There are gravel, dirt, and grass trails to pick from.
Nature Discovery Trail – .35 mile
Meadow Loop Trail – 1.52 miles
Big Woods Trail – .8 mile
Sugar Loop Trail – .6 miles
Hale Road Trail – 1.9 miles, 3.8 miles round trip
Carlisle Bottoms Trail – .7 mile
Deer Run Trail – 1.13 miles
Northern Loop Horse Trail – 1.86 miles
Southern Loop Horse Trail – 1.13 miles

The AllTrails website has descriptions with maps of hikes on the trails in the Carlisle Reservation.


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