Headwaters Park

Headwaters Park

Old State Road Huntsburg, Ohio 44046

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Headwaters Park is a 926-acre reservation located in Claridon and Huntsburg townships. The property is leased by Geauga Park District from the City of Akron in a partnership that allows for the conservation of natural areas, enjoyment by park visitors, and outdoor education and passive recreation. It is Geauga Park District’s intent to manage this natural area and to protect the water quality for aquatic life and downstream neighbors.

Prior to 1932, the east branch of the Cuyahoga River meandered through a lush ravine as it made its way through Claridon and Huntsburg townships. Picnickers enjoyed many summer afternoons along its banks; vacationers escaped to cottages nestled around adjacent Crystal Lake and along the river’s edge.

When the City of Akron began purchasing land in Geauga County in 1932, the cottages and neighboring farmhouses were moved and a dam was built to impound the waters in East Branch Reservoir.

Having secured a stable water supply for the businesses and homes in their community, City of Akron officials opened the reservoir and surrounding land to local residents in 1959. In 1996, Geauga Park District’s Board of Park Commissioners signed an agreement to lease the land and reservoir and renamed the area Headwaters Park because of its location at the upper reaches of the Cuyahoga River.

Notable Trails

Headwaters Park Trails
Trails at Headwaters Park include:
Ohio Buckeye Trail –0 2 miles
Eagle Trail – 0.8 miles
Maple Bridle Trail – 1.4 miles
Pike Point Trail – 0.3 miles
Kingfisher Trail – 0.2 miles

Descriptions with maps of hikes on the trails at Headwaters Park are on the AllTrails website.


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